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Slaughter 2017

(Политический хардкор)||Engeneer - vocal, PC
Lida - vocal (session)
Chaos - guitar
Satyric - bass
El - drums, lyrics||Welcome, whoever you are - comrade or fuckin dogshit.
We are SLAUGHTER 2017. Perhaps you want to know what shit is it.

Well, any feeling needs its adequate expression. So our music is expression of our hatred to a world of money, to capital power enslaved milliards of human beings. We consider it may be thrown down only by the way of violence, way of socialist revolution. So we call: "Long live class hate! Fight for your liberation everyday, everytime, by all means!"

That is why in our riffs and blast-beats march of working columns and machineguns shots sound. Now, if youre confused, get out and listen to stuff like "blink 182"

Our world-view and political beliefs are collated with compass of marxism. You see, we believe only in us and in whos like us. A Kingdom of Freedom will be built by hands of suffering milliards. Socialism will raise humanity from class inferno. Thus, our bands name is memory of the future.

Here we stand at, old fellow. Our oath is:




All the rest is in our fuckin songs.||Группа Slaughter 2017 возникла в начале 2007 года из проекта «1984», в котором участвовали барабанщик Леонид El и вокалист Евгений Engeneer.
На данный момент в активе новообразования демо-запись In The Name Of Equality, чье звучание может быть охарактеризовано как «хардкор с элементами ню-металла». Коллектив трудится над первым полноформатным альбомом и периодически выступает.||In The Name Of Equalty (demo) 2006
рецензия на альбом: http://compact.exe.su/?cat=607||Обсуждается непосредственно с организатором||Nin
The Dead Remain Young
Set The World On Fire (E-Type cover)
In The Web / Endless Massacre
||E-mail: Intelkey[собака]yandex.ru
IСQ 295074397||