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We Formed A Band

Indie Rock/Indie Pop
текущий состав
The first dude - Freaky Styley (voice)
The second dude - Lazy Bone (guitar, backvoice)
The third dude - Reno Transistor (synths, backvoice)
The fourth dude - Toy Machine (drums)
The fifth dude - Olly G (bass)
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This style of the first EP is kinda result of the first year. We are not about to change it, however, new songs will go halves with more electronic, dance sound. So you can check this progressive upgrade visiting our gigs.
As well as burn the floor, I guess [:)]
о себе (история группы)
The first dude found the second dude and two dudes found the third dude and three dudes found the fourth dude and four dudes found the fifth dude and five dudes.. NO! They did not find the sixth dude. But they decided to conquer this galaxy after this planet after this continent after this country after this city after.. NO! It was not their decision. Because of more peaceful plan to discover famed in legends brown note and make you crap of course.
OH! Make you cLap I mean ^_^
We Formed A Band EP (2010)
ссылки на музыкальные файлы
01 - The Last Song From The Beginning
02 - Just A Coward
03 - Shout x3
04 - The 4th Word Is Yourself
контактная инфа
Contact us at :
phone # (+38) 0996556445 - Freaky Styley;
phone # (+38) 0509571641 - Lazy Bone;
ICQ # 474176989
and just right here, at private messages.