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THE SWITCH. Never Get Enough

 Set Me Free

I dont know, wheres lie in my life
They have me for a fool
No one can tell, Im good or bad guy
Hey, girl(boy), Im talkin to you...

 Youre miss Trouble
 Youre miss Misery
 Please choose Another
 Baby, set me free...
  Set... me.... free...

Your mouth smells, like a poison of snake
Your eyes like a burning hell
But it was just a little mistake
You looked into the Wishing Well

What did you see, and what will you do
You cant lie me again
I wont do nothing, I want to hear true
Even this will be a pain

Hollywood Fantasy

Its just a dream
Of a little girl
Dreaming bout a glory
She want to make
Her own film
But she needs a real story

  She will be a star
  This is her destiny
  It is so far
  Hollywood Fantasy
   Hollywood fantasy...

Shes living poor
But every night
Shes standing with mr. Steven
She dont know where
She want to go
But she knows her own meanings

Do you want
To know her name?
Youll see it on your display
Shes just a girl
Of a little dream
She knows what she will say!!!

 Forever Young

One summer day
I remembered that love
Is the best thing I could feel
Being Forever young

One summer night
Lovely place with the moon
And I cant stop
Cant stop loving you

 I saw your tears
 I saw your smile at last
 You know I love you
 Its not a cinema cast

One rainy day
You reminded me that I
Still just a man(girl)
Whos falling in love

One rainy night
I was waiting for sunshine
You was waiting it too
But so far away

One crazy day
I saw your brown eyes
And they were crying
Crying in the rain

One crazy night
I was wrighting this song
Remembering that I
Will be forever young

 Heavens Rain

Holy water in your eyes
I cant do everything you need
Youre cryin like the heaven cries
I know you can not believe
  Heavens Rain
  Beneath our windows
  Heavens Rain
  God sends it all
  Heavens Rain
  Near our doorway
  Heavens Rain
  Behind the wall

Youre sittin in the room of blue lights
Smiling at me from time to time
Youre crying like the heaven cries
Girl(Boy), you know, its aint a crime

Im trying to light up your darkness
I just want to kill your pain
Youre still crying like the heaven cries
Girl(Boy), you know, low down your gain...

   Id never make it in another way...

I remember the day     
We saw sunrise
And noone could see that,
There were only your eyes...   
You was holdin my hand             
I was touching your face
And our hearts were chained
There was no disgrace 
   There was a beginning of our loving
     And no words need to say
   If I knew that shell be slowly dying
   Id never make it in another way
   Id never make it in another way...
You teached me to dress
You teached me to love
"Beth", I called you
You called me: "My love"
This love came to the end
Thanks to your pride
Baby, baby, baby
The road is so wide...
        23:39 21.04.2003

 RocknRoll fever

Here comes trouble
You can it see
Distorted guitars
And my company
Were gonna show ya
Rocknroll play
"They are the best"
Youve got to say

 Refrain:  Stop to be a pig
            Look into the mirror
 Youve got a real
 RocknRoll fever
 Listen to my rig
 Ill make the sound deeper
 Do you like it?
 RocknRoll fever

Here comes trouble
Walkin down your street
Were tryin to get ya
Get you to meet
Shout it out loud
You must break the law
You have to start a new life
You should stop...

  Never get enough...

Im tryin to remember
Too many old friends
Hey, my fortuneteller
What do you know bout themselves?

Together we could keep on
Our flying through the road
Hey, my dear son
God left me no modes
 I never get enough
 For the road life
 I never get enough
 For my highway ride
  I just cant get enough...

My friends are stopped singin
I think they stopped to be a men
Our music must be playin
Thats im tryin to say

Hey, boys, can you remember?
Our living after midnight
Our song could be forever
We could feel alright....